About Us

SHINA ADEKUNLE CONSULTING areas of specialization
In pursuance of the service aim, we have in focus a number of specific objectives as shown below.

Stages of Our Facility Management Services
We play significant roles at planning and operation stages of facility. Facility Planning Stage
Our contributions at this stage include but not limited to,
Facility Operating Stage
Our activities at this stage can be categorized broadly into
1. Operation and Management (User-Related Services)
2. Maintenance (Building-Related Services)

Properties Managed
Years of Existence
Returning Custormers

Our Objectives

Our Vision

To be one of successful and leading Real Estate Professional firm in the globe with a passion for providing quality services for our clients,
without compromising standard and ethics of the profession.


To achieve our vision we are guided by these values for all our decision making:

Professionalism: We follow it to latter and adhere strictly to its ethics.

Integrity: Working assiduously to enhance our reputation through honesty and transparency and guiding it judiciously to preserve it.

Client Satisfaction: We strive to exceed the expectation of our clients

Value for Money: Dedicated to maximizing real estate value for our clients.

Team Work: work as a common force in creating maximum clients satisfaction

Respect for Individual: Courtesy and Empathy

Creativity: We encourage creative, flexible and innovative approaches to our work.


Provision of an outstanding real estate service delivery to our clients through prompt and timely responses, incorporate proven professionalism with
state of- the- art techniques and new innovations in our work process.